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December 2007

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My Fall 2007 Watch List

A few people asked me to post what I would watch this Fall. Now before I post it, I need to remind you that I mostly work from home, so I tape most shows and watch them during the day. I have this sort of superpower that allows me to watch TV while working and not having it affect my quality of work (unless something shocking happens on TV... if so, I work a little bit later that day to make up for me watching those scenes more closely). Also, I must watch a lot of shows due to the fact I have to take care of and spoiling shows we don't watch is really difficult.

About my schedule, I'm in Canada so some of our stations sometimes air US shows before or after US stations. This is why you'll see mentions of CTV, Global and CityTV in my schedule. Also, my FOX station airs The CW shows from 10 pm to midnight (we don't have CW here). Finally, I always try to not have more than 2 shows at the same time (I have 2 VCRs, so when I'm away, I can tape both). If I'm home, I'll watch one show and tape the other. Finally, I put a few new shows I haven't seen the pilot of and am curious to watch but may remove from my list if they suck.

- 8 pm: Chuck (NBC), Prison Break (FOX)
- 9 pm: Heroes (NBC)
- 9:30 pm:
Samantha Who? (ABC)
- 10:30 pm:
Aliens in America (FOX)
* No spot in my watch list unless I'm home and tape 2 shows or ask a friend to tape it: 8 pm How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

- 8 pm: NCIS (CBS)
- 8:30 pm: Carpoolers (ABC)
- 9 pm: Reaper (CityTV) [When not there, will tape at 11pm on FOX], The Unit (CBS)
*Need to find a way to get Nip/Tuck

- 7 pm: Gossip Girl (CTV) [Will watch at 11pm on FOX when CTV moves GG to 8 pm after Dancing with the Stars concludes]
- 8 pm: Pushing Daisies (ABC), Kid Nation (CBS)
- 9 pm: Private Practice (ABC), Bones (Global)

- 8 pm: Ugly Betty (ABC), Survivor (CBS)
- 9 pm: Grey's Anatomy (ABC), The Office (NBC)
- 9:30 pm: My Name Is Earl (Global)
- 10 pm: Smallville (FOX)
* No spot in my watch list unless I'm home and tape 2 shows or ask a friend to tape it: 9:30 pm Scrubs (NBC)

- 9 pm: Moonlight (CBS)
- 10 pm: Las Vegas (NBC)


- 8 pm: Desperate Housewives (ABC)
- 9 pm: Brothers & Sisters (ABC)


You chose Chuck over HIMYM? :O
Anyways, I was googling something about Lexie of GA a couple of days ago and stumbled upon your page for it and you know I hate spoilers, but then I read one thing and read another and could NOT stop! ;_;
I think I read 80% of that page. Damn my lack of self-control.
I chose Chuck over HIMYM because if I have to download, it's faster to download HIMYM.

No self-control? Who needs that when spoilers are concerned? lol
Oh and I should probably explain why I chose Earl over Scrubs. This choice was based on the fact that Scrubs will have less episodes this season than Earl and it will start in late October (when Earl starts at the end of Sept).
Hmm. very good thinking. I still don't know about the fall shows. Of things I've seen, I don't think I'll pursue any for now. Maybe GG, though. Mostly cause it's CW and full of cute people and most likely will be canceled soon.

And yes, you would say that! THE DEVIL!! Ahh!
Out of those I've seen, I'm only adding Chuck, Reaper and Pushing Daisies. The others, it's more curiosity or because an actor/actress I like is in the show. Although, based on that latter criterion, I would be glued to the TV when "Big Shots" would air. However, I've heard bad things about the series and I'm not really interested in what the show seems to offer.
I might leave Big Shots for nights when I just want some mindless pretty to look at. Cause it seems to be good for that.
Reaper, ugh, I love Bret, so I was on the fence, but my rule this year is "the less, the better". :(
Yeah, I'm cautious myself with adding new shows. In the ones I've watching and selected for my watch list, Reaper would be the first to go. Out of those I didn't watch, I mostly added sitcoms as they are easy to watch and don't take much time or brain cells.

Re: Here's mine! :D

You watch more than I do! Then again, if I had the possibility to tape more than 2 shows at once, I would probably watch more. For example, I would add Dancing with the Stars, Kitchen Nightmares, Back To You, etc.

Re: Here's mine! :D

You have excellent taste! Our lists were very similar - add CSI, House MD, Heroes and we would be almost entirely matched. I'll seriously be very lucky if my DVR does not explode or burst into flame after Thursday nights. And to think... it only records two shows every hour. decisions.decisions. :]

Re: Here's mine! :D

I watch the CSIs in reruns since they are series that are really watchable if you miss a bunch of episodes here and there. I do watch Heroes. Did I forget to put it on my list?
You choose Grey's Anatomy over Scrubs!

With me, Grey's just had a bad last season which makes me not want to watch it, so I watch my other shows during the 9 o'clock hour (Grey's, CSI:, The Office/Scrubs). My dilema.

However, you do have a very nice schedule. I need a DVR or something.
And I forgot to say this:

How can you not watch House M.D.?! You're decision, not mine.
I cannot watch everything. Since I didn't like the pilot much, I never really watched HOUSE. I did watch a few episodes here and there since then.... I can't watch it all even if the series are excellent.
I didn't enjoy last season's of GA much. I chose GA over Scrubs for the same reasons why I chose Chuck over HIMYM and Earl over Scrubs.
I don't know if I can sacrifice HIMYM over Chuck, but I can completely understand when it comes to downloading. As is... you have a fabulous lineup of shows. I can hardly wait for premiere month - namely September 27th. Thursday is going to be one heck of a night for me.